What does a driveshaft do?

The driveshaft isn’t a single part in your car, but rather a series of rod-like components. These parts work together to transfer the rotational power produced in your engine to your wheels so your car can move. Essentially, your driveshaft allows you to drive!

What are the symptoms of a bad driveshaft?

Below are the top three symptoms that could indicate you need to replace your driveshaft:

  • Scraping, squeaking and rattling sounds from underneath your car.
  • Intense vibrations coming from underneath the car.
  • A significant shudder when accelerating from low speed or a stopped position.

What happens during a driveshaft replacement?

Our certified mechanics will:

  • Safely jack the car so they can inspect the driveshaft.
  • Replace the faulty or damaged driveshaft if necessary.
  • Check any related components and advise if any need to be replaced.
  • Double check the drive assembly and test drive the car.
  • Make any final adjustments, if needed.

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