Symptoms of a failing Transmission Assembly

Check engine light

It’s just a little light. What could actually go wrong? Do you actually want me to answer that? Because a lot. A lot can go wrong, and a lot will go wrong if you ignore one of the most important warning lights in your dashboard. The check engine warning light can signal a lot of different issues in your car, including a problem with the transmission. So, cut out that silly habit of ignoring it.

Leaking fluids

Do you really need to be told that leaks are bad? They’re not good for your sink, and they’re definitely not good for your car. Now I can’t help you with your sink, but a leak in your car is not a good sign. It can be the result of many different things, since your car uses a lot of fluids. One of those fluids is transmission fluid, which serves as a lubricant and coolant for the transmission assembly.

Difficulty shifting

If you’ve ever learned how to drive a stick shift, the first time was probably a little embarrassing. Well, if it’s starting to feel like that first time again, it’s probably because your transmission is having an issue. An issue with the transmission may result in difficulty getting the car in gear in a manual transmission. In an automatic, CVT, or DCT, a transmission assembly malfunction could result in slipping, which means the engine RPMs will increase, even though the car isn’t accelerating. Not fun.


You know those old roller coasters on wooden tracks? They’re fun, right? But only at an amusement park. If your car feels like one of those roller coasters, and is shuddering and shaking, then you may have a transmission problem. This is a common effect of a malfunctioning CVT or DCT transmission.

Weird noises

Transmissions can make a variety of different noises. Automatics will often make a whining noise while manual transmissions are known for making uncomfortable grinding noises. If you notice either of these noises, or a growling noise, then you may have a transmission issue…or maybe you should eat something.

How urgent is a Transmission Assembly Repair?

Transmissions are vital. Your car can’t function without one. If the transmission assembly is starting to go, your car will not drive as well. If you ignore the failing transmission, the issue will get worse and worse, until the transmission fails altogether. At that point, you’ll have an even more serious issue on your hands, and you’ll start doing damage to your engine.

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