What does an alternator belt do?

The alternator belt’s job is to transfer power from the engine crankshaft to various other components; these include the alternator (of course), the air conditioning and the power steering.

What are the symptoms of a malfunctioning alternator belt?

Below are the top three symptoms that could indicate you need an alternator belt replacement:

  • A squeaking sound from under the bonnet when you start your engine, or a high-pitched squeak while the engine is running.
  • If your car stalls regularly, or the engine refuses to turn over, it could be down to a slipping or broken alternator belt.
  • If you feel your car’s steering is heavier than normal, this could be due to a lack of power transferred to the power-steering system, and could also be down to the improper performance of your alternator belt.

What happens during an alternator belt replacement?

Our certified mechanics will:

  • Visually inspect the alternator belt for signs of wear, tears and cracks.
  • Check the alternator belt’s pulleys and tensioner.
  • Replace the belt, if necessary.
  • Check related parts and advise if any other repairs are needed.

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